RhinoPiping configuration tool.


v0.5.0.1 -> First Alpha release

*Fixed: Issue with non-csv classes

*Added: Attributes enumerations

*Fixed: BugPath fixed

*Fixed: an app crash with complex path attributes (ex: NAVINN:data:weight)
!The bug itself still need a fix, only the crash has been taken care of!
*Changed: The whole backup system has been rewritted
*Fixed: a bug where CSV appended with previous version
*Fixed: an issue with csv encoding format
*Fixed: an issue where editing an elbow class curvature created a duplicate with the same name

*Added: A trace file for debugging purpose
*Fixed: Attribute spec bug where attributes loose their population
*Fixed: Attribute spec is now sorted to fix the order issue for computed attributes
*Fixed: Attribute spec bug with categories not recognized
*Fixed: Attribute spec Display refreshed when compute mode disabled/enabled
*Fixed: Attribute spec Type is nothing when compute mode enabled
*Changed: Attribute spec “Category” renamed “population”
*Added: Attribute spec autocompletion for formula

v0.5.4.2  (04-26-2017)
*Fixed: A bug when trying to remove an attribute from spec
*Fixed: Tabulated curvature elbow classes cannot be created without selecting a PipeClass Anymore
*Fixed: A bug where some parameters where lost while editing attribute spec
*Enabled: A feature to Hide/show internal RhinoPiping Attributes

This is an early release, and it is provided as it is. We will not accept any responsability in cases of software failure, or damages to your catalog.

Known bugs:

  • Pipe Classes specific attributes with hierarchy are not compatible yet
    (e.g. : “MyAttrCat1:Example:TestAttribute”)