NEW – Tutorials

We just published several tutorials, giving you all the information to customize RhinoPiping and your additional attributes.

Visit our Tutorials page, and if you have some problems you still have our contact page.

At the same time, we released RhinoPiping v1.0.6, a small update for new users. (Change Log)


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RhinoPiping v1.0.5 released

We are glad to release today RhinoPiping v1.0.5, the latest version of our piping plugin for Rhinoceros.

It includes a lot of fixes and improvements, as well as new features like the long-awaited RP_Mirror command, letting you mirror a pipeline without mirroring the components geometry.

The update is free, you just have to download it, uninstall the older revision and install the new one. The Change Log is available here.
At the same time, we decided to stop updating RhinoPiping for RhinoV4, but we will keep it available in version 1.0.4.

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New pricing: RhinoPiping LT is free!

Yes this is the truth! We decided to make RhinoPiping LT free for everyone, from today! See the features included and compare RhinoPiping LT with RhinoPiping Pro.

The one month trial for the pro license will still be available.


Customized services

As we always try to improve the customer experience, we now provide custom services:

  • Custom developments for RhinoPiping / Rhinoceros – custom features, new plugins…
  • Catalog creation – we will help you to create/import your catalog in RhinoPiping.
  • Software developments and expertise – we can help you with your developments projects.

Visit our Services page to give us details concerning your projects and get a cost estimate.


RhinoPiping Demonstration: Free ends connexion

The RP_CreatePipeline command in RhinoPiping includes a smart automatic connexion feature, letting you easily merge two pipelines.

Watch this short demo to discover this feature:


“Table” plugin for Rhinoceros® is now open-source


We are glad to announce that from now the source code for our “Table” plugin will be available for free.

Download it, enjoy it, improve it, and share with us your improvements to let everyone enjoy this simple yet nice tool!



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Entry with Audio

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New plugin: _Table

We have decided to release another free plugin for Rhino3D. Our Table plugin allows you to insert native tables in Rhinoceros® and lets you import CSV files.

The Table plugin is compatible with the AA_Report command in RhinoPiping; it correctly inserts your bill of materials into a Rhinoceros® drawing sheet.
For more details visit the plugin page.


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RhinoPiping beta 0.9.27 available

We are glad to announce the availability of RhinoPiping beta 0.9.27.

With more than twenty bug fixes and some improved error management, it should be a lot more stable. Furthermore, we added several new options and commands:

  •  RP_RemoveComponent 
  • RP_Iso3D
  • Option added _CoaxialSections in  RP_DrawAxes.
  • Component attributes allowed at root level.
  • Option added _SelectComponents in RP_AddComponent

You will find the detailled change log here.