Rhino Beam Tools Updated

Our plugin Rhino Beam Tools with Steel export has been updated.

The new release includes several bug fixes, faster display and compatibility with both Rhino5 and Rhino6

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RhinoPiping for rhino 6 update Postponed

Dear customers,

We planned to update RhinoPiping for Rhino 6 before the fall, but it has been postponed for at least a few months because of some technical difficulties.
Unfortunately we are not able to give you any guaranty that we’ll be able to do it later.

However if you updated a RH5 license to RH6, you can still use RH5 with the same license, and they can both be installed on the same computer. We have several customer who use RhinoPiping like this, and while we are aware that this is not the ideal solution, it might still be worth it if you’ve got some piping projects.

Best regards,
The RhinoPiping’s support team


Rhino Beam Tools Updated to v0.9.2.0

We released yesterday a major update for our plugin Rhino Beam Tools. Many bugs were fixed and improvement made, such as:

  • Values are not stored anymore in user texts, which is a lot safer. They still are duplicated in user texts though, so you will be able to read them easily.
  • When clicking on a node annotation, the node will be selected instead
  • Geometry import now accept every kind of curves, including Polylines and polycurves.
  • Geometry import now take in account the intersections, between themselves and existing Nodes/Beams. That was a great issue before, because when importing curves the intersection was checked afterward between the beams, causing the intersection point to be wrong.
  • The sets can be Edited/Renamed
  • A bug where annotations settings where reinitialized when opening a document has been fixed
  • We added the command “RBT_Duplicate” to duplicate a Node safely (not duplicating its label)
  •  Two identical beams (same nodes) will now be detected and one of them automatically removed. A beam with a missing node will become red instead of orange.
  •  License activation is only needed now for Export commands (Only export to Steel at the moment). Which means you can try the interface as much as necessary without even activating a license.

WARNING: Beams and nodes created with a previous release won’t be recognized anymore, because we changed the way data is stored

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALE!

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Our configuration tool is available (BETA) – Updated

Today we are glad to release the  public Beta of RP_Configurator , the free configuration tool for RhinoPiping.
(Updated to version the 04/26/2017)

You can download it on this page.

  • Attributes spec management

  • Pipe classes management

  • Elbow classes management




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Attribute Analysis 1.0 Released

Our free Attribute Analysis plugin graduated today from its Beta. This new release includes a major speed improvement for people who don’t use RhinoPiping.

The scripted command (“-AA_Analysis”) now let you enable or disable the analysis of RhinoPiping’s attributes (Plugin Additional Attributes).


Using RhinoPiping For Electrical systems

Recently a customer asked if we plan to adapt our engine for electrical design. While we don’t plan to update the core engine soon, the flexibility of rhinopiping as it is now allow it to some point. For this example, I created a small electricity catalog, using existing parts from GrabCad. It took me only half an hour, and as you can see the result can be quite interresting:

For those who wish to try this, you can download this file and overwritte your folders in C:\ProgramData\Navinn. (Don’t forget to backup your own catalog before)


Demo: Our new configuration tool for RhinoPiping

A short demo of our new configuration tool for RhinoPiping. The beta should be released in september 2016.


Rhinopiping returns

After being unavailable for a few days due to a technical issue, RhinoPiping.com is back online. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we should be able to announce a new release soon.